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My name is Morgan. I am the owner of VINYALI, a company that I started over a year ago with the intention of making a positive difference in people’s lives while pursuing something I'm passionate about. At first, the goal of the company wasn’t all too clear. But throughout my travels in Southeast Asia, I came to discover something I was really passionate about -- self care. As an overworked and underpaid ESL teacher in a foreign country I very quickly realized that self-care is vital for people to operate at their best.

My business has since evolved to try to meet that goal -- encourage people to take time for themselves and care for themselves, inside and out. All of my products are curated with that end goal in mind. I even wrote an Ebook about the topic, available here.

Click over to the Catalog page and have a peek at the various products on offer! I'm sure you will find something you like at a fair price. As a small business, customer satisfaction is my number one priority. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out at support@vinyali.com.



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